Save up to 50% of your frying oil or shortening with VITO 80

Save up to 50% of your frying oil or shortening with VITO 80

Starting situation without VITO oil filter system

Starting situation without VITO oil filter system

VITO cleans your frying oil or shortening -  fast, easy and safe

VITO cleans your frying oil or shortening - fast, easy and safe

A clean deep fryer,due to the VITO oil filter system

A clean deep fryer,due to the VITO oil filter system

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VITO 80 – An extraordinary frying oil and cooking fat filter – suitable for all deep fryers

Since 2001 VITO oil filter system is cleaning frying oil and cooking fat/shortening and stands for an easy filtration directly inside your deep fryer. Just put the VITO oil filter system in the hot frying oil or cooking fat, push the start button and the 5 minutes filtration begins. At the same time you can do other things in the kitchen, because the VITO oil filter system is filtering fully automatic.

Your benefits with the VITO oil filter system

VITO can double the lifetime
VITO can double the lifetime of your frying oil or solid shortening

VITO oil filter system taste and quality
VITO oil filter system improves the taste and quality of your fried food
VITO oil filter system saves costs
VITO oil filter systems saves costs and working time/labor time
VITO oil filter system, go green
VITO oil filter system contributes to a clean and healthy environment.
VITO 80 oil filter system

Sustainability and environmentalism are big topics for VITO. The filter is made of cellulose and is biodegredable. Since there is less demand on frying oil and cooking fat you contribute to a healthier environment with significantly less waste. VITO is a WIN-WIN situation for every company and for the environment.

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Featured testimonials

 VITO does a great job. It is very easy to filter with this little guy. It takes out all the crumbs and therefore we have much cleaner frying oil. 

Restaurant Manager, Caren

Burger King

 With the VITO we save 50% of our frying oil! Furthermore we really feel we are getting a quality product out of our oil by filtering it with the VITO. And last but not least we don't have to mess around with hoses or cleaning a big filter machine each day. 

Owner, Paul Ivancich

Dairy Queen

 VITO is extremly user friendly by anyone, its small, light in weight, cleans up in a snap, with a solid construction that is easy to maintain. We reduced our costs in half over the last year. Quality and flavor of our food also increased!  

Executive Sous Chef, Renato Piredda

New York Marriott Marquis

 VITO is an outstanding machine. Soon We're going to open another premises and for sure we'll get another one for there, too. I can highly commend it without hesitation.  

Executive Chef Michael Krikorian

Blue Bay Inn

 We absolutely LOVE our VITO oil filter system. We’re a little shop with only one fryer and the machine paid for itself in the first year of operation. Our oil is always clean and clear and lasts twice as long.  

Owner Pam Thomas

Pammie's Sammies

 We are satisfied with our VITOs. I use the systems ins several locations and I have to say they are very recommendable!  

Franchisee Mark York


 We have been using the VITO filtration system since we opened our restaurant and are delighted with its efficiency. We use the system up to 2 times a day and have seen how VITO helps in preserving the life and integrity of our frying oil. We highly recommend this equipment to any food service operator. It saves time and money!  

Chef Rosana Rivera

Piquant Epicure & Cuisine

 We use VITO in all our locations and are very satisfied with their performances. It makes the job of cleaning the oil simple and save. Furthermore we save good money in oil and can be sure our products are the quality we want them to be!  

Corporate Executive Chef Matt Moyer

The Great Dane Pub

 VITO works like a charm. We make our own potato chips, and VITO helps keeping our oil clean even when we are very busy.  

Owner Cory Buettner

Leo's Grill & Malt Shop

 We are more than happy with our VITO! We save 50% on our oil costs, increased the quality of our fried dishes and it is more than easy to handle! VITO really lives its promises.  

Executive Chef Luigi Garcia

Riva Navy Pier

 We've been using VITO for the last 5 years now and will continue using it for a long time. The convenience for users and operators as well as the savings are just spectacular.  

Executive Chef Sandro O'Brito

Hilton Garden Inn Chicago O'Hare

 We have two locations in Wisconsin and both our kitchen managers are very happy with the results VITO provides them. Clean oil, great looking products and a filtration system so easy to use that everyone can handle it.  

Manager Dillon Renard

Anduzzi's Sports Club